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Success Stories and Testimonials


Testimonials From Google Reviews:

I’ve had the privilege of living, visiting and working in 16 countries. I’ve worked with Therapists in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. There is no one in the world like Dr. Sheri Bardos. Her emotional intelligence, her heart, her skill, her grit, her gentleness, her intuition are like nothing I’ve ever seen. She is both regal and humble, steady and passionate, vulnerable and courageous. She leads by example, never requiring something of me that she herself hasn’t done. She listens. She hears my words, she hears emotions, she hears tones, she hears the unspoken. She breathes clarity and light where there is confusion and uncertainty. She validates. She motivates. She is one of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met. She has played a vital role in cultivating growth, healing and happiness deep within me and my beautiful family. I recommend her to every human on this planet. Thank you Dr. Bardos! You’re wonderful.


Dr. Bardos is so wonderful and I can’t say enough good things about her. She has helped me with my anxiety so much. She also breaks things down to help me understand why I feel the things I do. She is kind and genuinely tries to relate with what I’m feeling. I always look forward to my appointments with her! 



Dr. Bardos is a tremendous psychologist. I liken her to a life coach that happens to also understand the human mind. Her philosophy on life is so positive. She has changed my life since the first session. She has taught me to believe in myself and many many more things. Dr. Bardos has so significantly improved my life I don't know HOW I lived before. I've started and am on my journey to improving my life thanks to her.  



Dr. Bardos is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have had anxiety for 6 years and never seek therapy until I met Dr. Bardos. She has given me so many tools to break away from my anxiety. It has helped me SO MUCH. Given the tools that she has given me, I have managed to do my homework to better myself to feel safe, aware, and comfortable in my surrounding area. She is worth every penny. I definitely recommend her to everyone that needs help. Thank you Dr. Bardos for all your help.



I have been seeing Dr. Bardos for several years and would highly recommend her. I've gained so many useful tools from my time working with her. Each session provides me with helpful advice, perspective, and a path forward. Our sessions have drastically improved my mental health and my life! 



Dr Bardos is an AMAZING therapist!! We see her as a couple and sometimes she meets one-on-one with us. She has helped me and my boyfriend become so much closer. We were having a number of issues putting our relationship at risk and Dr. Bardos was our lifeline to learn relationship skills, communication skills, and helped us understand each other. We feel so much closer to each other, more than ever before in our 5 years of knowing each other! I recommend Dr Bardos to all of my friends. She truly cares about her patients and she has be so wonderfully great with explaining and guiding us both as a couple and as individuals. I wish my parents did that better! My boyfriend and I both look forward to our session each week because we always walk out feeling accomplished and closer, even though it takes work- it is absolutely worth it!! She is very dependable and very timely, unlike most doctors around town. If we could give her a 10, we would!














Success Stories From Former Clients

A woman reached out to me because her friend told her that I specialized in treating infertility. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for more than a year and were about to embark on a costly journey of medical infertility interventions. The cost would be at least $20,000 and upwards of potentially $40,000 depending on how many steps were needed. She understood the concept that emotional barriers can sometimes block someone from becoming pregnant and wanted to explore whether that was potentially impacting her. She worked with me on believing that she could actually conceive completely naturally. We also addressed how she could see herself actually living as a mother, when so much of her life up until that point was not yet congruent with that wish. Multiple fertility doctors had told her that she would need to undergo medical intervention if she wanted to become a mother, and she had believed them. Through our work, she came to believe she could actually become a mother completely naturally, and she ended up not having any fertility treatments. Today, she has two healthy children. After she gave birth to her first child, she realized that her due date was the exact same date as our first session, only one year later. 



After a brief phone consultation, one woman was eager to begin our work together. She had a number of goals that she wanted to reach and knew that given how much energy and time she exerted at work, she felt she deserved a raise. However, her requests had been denied on numerous occasions. She was always exhausted and although she longed to explore interesting hobbies and complete some valuable home projects, she did not have any energy after work. She wanted to set better boundaries but did not know how. She did not have extra money to cover our sessions and decided that it was worth pulling from her savings in order to invest in herself. Working with me, she made it possible for herself to enjoy more time on hobbies and home projects. She felt healthier, more energized, and even shed extra weight. Twelve weeks later, she gained the confidence to ask for the raise, pointing out all of the reasons why she deserved it. She ended up making so much more money than she imagined, she was easily able to replenish her savings.


A man in his 40's came to work with me to treat his anxiety and help him create a healthy long-term romantic relationship. He had never been married. His stress was impacting the health of his body(including digestive issues and joint pain) and also his relationships at work. Over time, he learned and implemented a variety of tools and experienced a significant decrease in anxiety to the point where he felt happier, more relaxed, and monfident. While his health improved, he decided to break out of his comfort zone and try online dating. He knew that one of my specialties was helping people date with clarity to ultimately marry. He asked me to help improve his online profile so that it matched who he truly was and could attract the right kind of match he was seeking. Today, he is happily married, he is feeling healthier, and his business is thriving even more.














Image by Sead Dedić
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